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Short Quirt Braided Leather

A Hand Braided Leather BDSM QUIRT Whip.A sinister looking serious kinky leather whip that can use..


Cat-o-Nine Tails

 A handmade leather discipilnarians  " cat -o- nine tails " for serious use..


Goggle Blindfold

 A versitile and fully effective quality leather fetish bondage blindfold.Great for u..


Ankle Cuffs Black Leather Bondage Set

Any leather bondage equipment collection would not be complete without this essential classic restra..


Ball Gag The Classic Design

The classic style of ball gag as featured in use by the legendry Bettie Page and in all serious bond..


Blind Fold Leather Bondage Mask

A superb leather blindfold, leather bondage mask , Absolutely no peeping .Hand crafted from medium g..


Canadian Prison Strap

 The much sought after and desired Canadian Prison Reformatory corporal punishment and general ..


Erection Restriction Penis Harness

 A secure male chastity anti masturbation device.The harness made from black leather and steel...


Five Gates Of Hell Penis Chastity Restraint

A  male slaves chastity harness " The Five gates of hell"An inexpensive fully adjusta..


Four Leather Tail Spanking Paddle

 A really useful kinky leather spanking paddle. Ideal for warming up or for a full on hard span..


Gag Open Mouth Steel Ring Harness

 An authentic bondage ring mouth gag.This design is simple but most effective.Leather hide stra..


Genital Punishment Strap/Priests Belt

 A short length Priests  or Nuns discipline leather strap. The true cock or Pussy whipped ..


Head Harness Ball Gag Set

A very  special full head leather bondage harness with a fitted solid rubber ball gag.Leat..


Heavy Slapper Spanker Five Holes

 A very useful spanker  that really makes a satisfying heavy slap sound on any subjec..


Kalis Teeth Erection Bondage Harrness Chastity

The Teeth of Kali Males Chastity Harness. a new design of the ancient version.A male chastity harnes..


Knoppler Paddle Hazing Strap

A Strict Disciplinarian's first choice in punishment spanking paddles.Made from heavy duty hide leat..


Lochgelly Tawse One Tail Strap

 A classic tawse made in the style of the original as handcrafted by A B Dicks in the good old ..


Male Chastity Leather Penis and Testicle Restraint

 A versatile snap fastening penis and testicle harness. You can use this item to ensu..


Male Chastity Penis Harness

A hand crafted male chastity  full bondage harness to encase the genitals.Black kinky leat..


Nuns Strap One Tail Convent School Tawse

Plain tailed punishment strap tawse.Made from thick leather belting hide approx 1/4" inch ..