Male Penis Restraints

Male Penis Restraints


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Erection Restriction Penis Harness

 A secure male chastity anti masturbation device.The harness made from black leather and steel...


Five Gates Of Hell Penis Chastity Restraint

A  male slaves chastity harness " The Five gates of hell"An inexpensive fully adjusta..


Male Chastity Leather Penis and Testicle Restraint

 A versatile snap fastening penis and testicle harness. You can use this item to ensu..


Male Chastity Penis Harness

A hand crafted male chastity  full bondage harness to encase the genitals.Black kinky leat..


Steel Ring Cage Penis Restraining Harness

 Penis cage  total restraint male chastity harness , A fully enclosing steel ringed m..


The Gates Of Hell Male Chastity Harness

The "Up front " Chastity Penis restraining harness set.Made from leather hide, sewn edges, Lined wit..