Convent School Strap

Convent School Strap


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Nuns Strap One Tail Convent School Tawse

Plain tailed punishment strap tawse.Made from thick leather belting hide approx 1/4" inch ..


Thrashing Spanking Strap Four Tailed Demon Belt

 A heavy duty leather spanking and thrashing punishment strap and a favourite off many Masters ..


Nuns School Punishment Strap

 A severe convent and strict disciplinarians style leather punishment tawse.Press cut for accur..


Nuns Tawse Convent School Strap

A traditional style punishment strap also known as a Tawse , used in correctional establishment..


Four Tail Convent School Tawse

A traditional convent or industrial school  style leather punishment strap, also know..


Convent Shool Nuns Strap Discipline

 A traditional convent school style multi tailed leather punishment tawse.Hand made for yo..


School Tawse Ten Tails of Torment

A very handy multi tailed tawse that is versatile and usefull in all disciplinery scenerios.Ideal&nb..